In the Olsthoorn-Chronicle of January 2010, I read with great pleasure the next article, written by a subscriber of the Chronicle. He is a distant member of the Olsthoorn Family, named Gijs Olsthoorn. I cite:

I like to go into the article about Miek Olsthoorn-van Rest in the last Olsthoorn-Chronicle. She wrote a book: “My Heaven on Earth”. One example of the English version goes to the Oxford University, for a study about the how and why of people, being raised very religiously, change into disbelievers. This subject is fascinating  me. More and more people realize that a belief as “the truth” does not exist. Neveretheless, in these days people need love, respect and a meaningful life. People need sociability, warmth and humanity. Gods Kingdom on earth isn’t a stand-by, but an evolution. Believing is personal, but a human tear is universal. I suppose that the spiritual feed out of Miek Olsthoorn’s book can contribute to a more mature world.

In the same chronicle the editor writes:

I would like to refer to Miek’s website, in which she explains in a splendid and sensitive way what reasons she had to write her book. It is available via any bookshop and via her site. The address is: www.olsthoorn-vanrest.nl

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