My heaven on earth

That’s the name of the book I have written and which book is released on October 4 in 2004 for the first edition with my publisher ‘Kirjaboek’. On the face of the book is a water colour painting, painted by my husband, from the accompanying black and white photograph.
‘My Heaven on Earth’: the book shows as clear as daylight where I have found my heaven on earth. In the book I set out the way in which I have grown from a very believing Roman Catholic life to a life as an unbeliever. Or from a life with heaven as a prospect, to a life in which I have to seek my heaven on earth. My son Dirk has summarised my story clearly in the blurb on the back cover of the book.

Omslagfoto zwart-wit

My heaven on earth was made perfect by the birth of Dirk. He has completed our family. The photograph pictured was taken shortly before the delivery. A delivery is no fun, but if everything is going well, you do get something so splendid in return.
The conversion from a believing to an unbelieving life was really a delivery to me, painful and uncertain. For what did I know of life without God? In the end, everything that befell me was the best, to me it became a liberation: I have no need to accuse God and I have no need to reproach him on anythingthere is a lot of imperfection and a lot of sorrow on earth. From evolution it is certain that that there is a lot of imperfection and a lot of sorrow on earth.
My heaven on earth: seeking and finding?